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General Terms and Conditions of Sale of Aspenmodel GmbH
§ 1 Area of application of the General Terms and Conditions of Sale
1.        The following General Terms and Conditions of Sale apply to all our contracts and orders in the relevant version that is valid at the time when contracts are concluded.
2.        The General Terms and Conditions of Business of the purchaser are herewith overridden, and do not form part of the contractual content.
§ 2 Conclusion of contracts
1.        Your contract becomes effective when we accept your order.
2.        This acceptance of contract occurs when Aspenmodel GmbH delivers the goods, or renders the services.
3.        We immediately confirm the receipt of electronic orders – but this does not, however, represent an acceptance of a contract.
4.        Your contract is concluded with Aspenmodel GmbH, Morper Str. 42, D-40625 Düsseldorf, Tel.: +49 (0) 211 17 11 618, E-mail Authorized representative, personally liable shareholders: Achim Bürklin,  Commercial Register (Handelsregister) AG Düsseldorf
5.         HRB 38909. VAT identification number: DE 812987926.
§ 3 Withdrawal policy
The right of withdrawal shall be excluded for orders placed by the buyer for the purpose if his own commercial or independent professional activity.
1.        Withdrawal right

The purchasing Party is entitled to cancel this contract within 14 days without stating any reason. The withdrawal period is 14 days and Begins on the day on which the purchasing Party or a third Party other than the carrier and indicated by the purchasing Party has acquired the material Possession of the goods. In order to exercise the right withdrawal, the purchasing party is obliged to notify the trader ( Aspenmodel GmbH, Morper Str. 42, D-40625 Düsseldorf. Tel: +49 211 17 11 618 E-Mail: accordingly by means of express request (e.g. by mail or E-Mail) to withdraw from this contract. The purchasing party may use the included standard withdrawal form to this effect, though without being obliged to do so. To observe the withdrawal period, it shall be considered sufficient for the purchasing party to send off the notification prior to the expiration of the withdrawal period. The right of Withdrawal is excluded in casas pursuant to Article 312g (2) of the German Civil Code (BGB).
2.        Consequences of withdrawal

The purchasing Party is obliged in all cases to return the merchandise to Aspenmodel GmbH, Morper Str. 42, D-40625 Düsseldorf, immediatly within fourteen days, starting on the day of notification of the withdrawal. The deadline shall be deemed to have been observed if the buyer has dispatched the goods prior to the expiration of the deadline. The purchasing Party is liable for the immediate costs of return shipment. The purchasing Party shall be liable for costs up to an estimated amount of approximatly 100.00 Euro incurred by the shipment of Merchandise that cannot be dispatched in parcels.


The purchasing party shall only be liable for any diminished value of the goods resulting from the handling other than what is necessary to ascertain the nature, characteristics and the functioning of the goods.
End of the cancellation policy
§ 4 Purchasers' inspection obligations
1.       The images, pictures, drawings and technical data reproduced in our catalogue and in our Internet product range are subject to constant modifications by product manufacturers. Product photos do not necessarily show the specification and scope of delivery, but instead symbolize solely the purchased object, and may diverge from the goods delivered.
2.       You are obliged to carefully and precisely examine the goods that you receive as to whether the data and figures that are provided correspond with your order. You must carefully check the functionality of the ordered goods before employing them for further use, and ensure that the delivered articles are appropriate for your planned uses.
3.       Obligations to inspect and examine for defects and make notification of such defects also apply for dealers.
§ 5 Goods availability and partial deliveries
1.       If the item ordered is not available, delivery may not be made, or an equivalent item may be offered or delivered. You are not obligated to accept such an item, and are not obligated to bear the related costs of return dispatch.
2.       Partial deliveries are permissible to a reasonable extent.
§ 6 Dispatch costs
Postage: Deliveries within Germany up to 5 KG - 6,90 Euro, Deliveries to other EU Countries up tp 5 KG 17,00 Euro, for all other Countries and higher weight please send us a request. All amounts mentioned here include German VAT of 19% that is valid as of the time of going to print.
Deliveries: as soon as possible approx. 3-6 day after receive of money. Non European Countries after custom clearence.
Shipping and Returns
1.The following General Terms and Conditions of Sale apply to all our contracts and orders in the relevant version that is valid at the time when contracts are concluded. They also apply to all future business transactions.
§ 7 Prices and payment
1.       In the case of Internet orders, you order at the price stated in the shopping basket. Otherwise, the list prices apply at the time of order acceptance.
2.       Only counterclaims that have been determined to be legally effective, are undisputed, or are recognized may be offset.
3.       You may only assert retention rights on the basis of claims arising from the same contractual relationship.
4.       Payment Terms: Payment in advance
5.       Payment by PayPal on request
6.       We do not work with Credit card.
§ 8 Retention of title
1.       We retain the title to the object of sale until all payments under the supply contract have been made. If you are in default with the payment, we are entitled to demand the return of the delivered goods.
2.       The customer is under the obligation to treat the object of sale with care; in particular, the purchaser is obligated to take out a reinstatement insurance policy for damaged by fire, water and theft.
3.       In the case of levies of execution or other third-party interventions, the purchaser must inform us immediately in writing.
4.       The purchaser is entitled to resell the object of sale in the normal course of business; however, herewith the purchaser shall assign all accounts receivable up to the amount of the gross invoice total of our claim, owed to the purchaser by the purchaser's customer or other third parties from the resale transaction, irrespective of whether the object of sale is resold with or without further processing. The purchaser retains the right to collection even after the assignment has taken place. This is without prejudice to our right to collect the debt ourselves. However, we undertake not to collect the debt if purchasers meet their payment obligations from the sales proceeds, do not fall into arrears, and, in particular, have not filed for settlement or bankruptcy proceedings, nor ceased making payments. If this is the case, however, we may demand that the purchaser informs us of the assigned accounts receivable and the debtors (third parties) involved, providing us with the information required in order to collect, as well as handing over the relevant documents and informing debtors (third parties) of the assignment of accounts receivable.
5.       Processing or reshaping of the object of purchase by the purchaser is always performed for us. If the object of purchase is processed using objects that do not belong to us, we obtain co-ownership of the new item proportionate to the ratio between the value of the object of sale (gross amount invoiced) and the value of other items already processed at the time that the object of sale is processed. The same applies to the item created by processing as to the object of sales supplied, subject to retention of title.
6.       If the object of purchase is bonded inseparably with objects that do not belong to us, we obtain co-ownership of the new item proportionate to the ratio between the value of the object of sale (gross amount invoiced) and the value of other items already bonded at the time that the object of sale is bonded with other objects. If bonding is such that the item belonging to the purchaser can be considered the main item, it is deemed agreed that the purchaser will assign proportionate co-ownership to us. The purchaser shall hold the sole property or co-owned property in safekeeping for us.
7.       The purchaser shall also assign accounts receivable to secure our claims against the purchaser that arise against third parties from bonding the object of sale with a site or property.
8.       We undertake the obligation to release the collateral to which we are entitled at the request of the purchaser insofar as the realizable value of our collateral exceeds the debts to be secured by more than 10%; the choice of the collateral to be released is our responsibility.
§ 9 Warranty and statute of limitations
1.       Statutory warranty provisions shall apply.
2.       If the item that you ordered is used for your commercial or independent professional activity, your claims arising from statutory warranty provisions are nevertheless subject to the statute of limitations within one year. This is without prejudice to the statute of limitations pursuant to § 479 of the German Civil Code (BGB).
§ 10 Repair assignments
1.       We do not regularly accept and carry out repair assignments ourselves. In most instances, we mediate an appropriate repair operation. If you request us to mediate a repair operation, legal relationships arise exclusively with this operation. If you mandate us with the dispatch of goods to the repair operation, we are entitled at our choice to invoice you with the packaging and dispatch costs that have actually arisen, or to invoice you with lump sum dispatch costs pursuant to § 6 Figure 2. Dispatch by us of the item for repair may occur only if the invoice of the third-party operation is settled in cash.
§ 11 Place of jurisdiction, choice of law
1.       Our registered place of business (Düsseldorf) is the place of jurisdiction for commercial dealers, legal persons and public-law entities. This place of jurisdiction is not exclusive.
2.       The law of the Federal Republic of Germany applies; the validity of United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods is excluded.
Data protection remarks:
1.       Personal data comprises information relating to your identity: name, address, postal address, delivery address, telephone number and e-mail address.
We only store your personal data and the data relating to ordered goods to the extent required for the administration and processing of your order. We do not forward your personal data to third parties.
2.       With your visit to our website, information about the access (date, time, pages viewed, shopping basket contents) may be stored on our server. These data do not comprise part of personal data, but are anonymous instead. We analyze them exclusively for statistical purposes.
3.       Cookies are used on some pages. Most browsers are configured to automatically accept cookies. You may nevertheless deactivate the storage of cookies, or configure your browser to notify you immediately when cookies are sent.
4.       You are entitled to free information about your stored data, as well as, if required, the right to amendment, blocking or deletion of these data. In the instance of queries regarding the recording, processing or utilization of your personal data, and in the case of information about, and the correction, blocking or deletion of data, please contact: Aspenmodel GmbH, Morper Str. 42, D- 40625 Düsseldorf.
Information on battery disposal
1.       Batteries may not be disposed of as part of household garbage. You are legally obligated to return batteries. You may deposit batteries at a communal collection point, or at your local shop. As an end-consumer, you may also return and send batteries from our product range to us, or in your immediate vicinity to the shop that sold them, free of charge. Batches that contain hazardous materials are designated with a crossed garbage can, and the chemical symbol of the relevant hazardous material (e.g. "Cd" for cadmium, "Pb" for lead, and "Hg" for mercury).
Düsseldorf, July 04. 2012
Aspenmodel GmbH


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