FT-600-48 Axles - Metal Wheelset

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FT-600-48 Axles - Metal Wheelset ( 24 pair ) Six great facts about "Will's Wheels" from Full Throttle: •improved profile •blackened metal •lower center of gravity •self-centering tracking action •finer fillet for smaller radius track •compatible with Full Throttle and Micro-Trains trucks "Will's Wheels" are the best thing to happen to Z Scale! They're compatible with both Full Throttle and Micro-Trains trucks, so you can get all of the benefits of metal wheels with your existing roster. These wheels will deliver outstanding performance in every way. For starters, you'll be able to pull up to twice as many cars with the same locomotives! Their tracking is superior thanks to their greater weight, as well as their unique flange profile: the flanges are slightly thicker yet shallower, and there's a fillet between the wheel tread and the flange, which helps keep the truck centered on the track. In addition, there's less dirt build-up on metal wheels, and the sound is very "trainlike" as they traverse the track. "Will's Wheels" come packaged in the familiar Full Throttle clear plastic cases, which when empty are handy for Z Scale parts storage!