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1005 N Greene's Feed & Seed Bausatz

1005 N Greenes Feed & Seed Bausatz
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Art.Nr.: 1005 N Greene's Feed & Seed Bausatz
Hersteller: Blair Line LLC
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1005 N Greene's Feed & Seed Bausatz
 Greene's Feed & Seed kit features: 
  Feed & seed stores were found in nearly all communities, both large and small. In rural areas they sold feed and seed (of course). They also sold fencing, pesticides, herbicides, feeders, water troughs, baby chicks, dairy equipment and more. In larger cities they sold mostly lawn and garden supplies and pet foods. Larger shipments and bagged feed and seed would have arrived by rail just a few years ago. This structure would make a great warehouse or freight depot too.
  • Kit includes laser-cut wood structures that features laser etched vertical planks with nail holes, knots and imperfections in precision fit tab and slot walls. Laser cut floor has a laser etched porch floor with nail holes etched in random length boards.  Laser cut door trim, window trim and corner trim feature peel-n-stick adhesive for easier assembly. Windows may be installed open or closed.
  • Loading dock has a laser etched floor with nail holes etched in random length boards and may be built on either side of the main feed store building. Also included are laser cut handrails, stairs and a stair assembly jig.  Laser-cut peel-n-stick pre-weathered corrugated roofing and a laser-cut rooftop sign.
  • Details include a cast metal smoke jack, laser-cut pallets, laser-cut eave brackets, soda pop machine and feed sacks. A great selection of signs from our extensive collection of feed store signs is include along with signs for a warehouse or freight station.
  • N kit dimensions: store footprint 3.90" x 1.51", loading dock 3.05" x .60"

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