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499 45 950 N Undec Humvee 2-Pack Bausatz

499 45 950 N Undec Humvee 2-Pack  Bausatz
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Art.Nr.: 499 45 950 N Undec Humvee 2-Pack Bausatz
Hersteller: Micro Trains
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499 45 950 N Undec Humvee 2-Pack  Bausatz

Undec Humvee 2-Pack 


Need more Humvee® vehicles on your military consist or layout? You can now get our N scale Humvee separately as an undecorated unassembled kit or a decorated and partially assembled vehicle!  The decorated vehicles will come painted with our factory Olive Drab and/or Tan paint and will include printed headlights and taillights.  The interior window, shell and underframe will be assembled together, however the extra wheel, snorkel and etched-metal pieces will not come installed.  The etched-metal pieces will be painted the same color as the vehicle.  The undecorated Humvee comes unassembled so you can easily decorate to your desire.  Specific assembly and decorating instructions and recommendations are available on the ‘How To’ page at Micro-Trains.com.

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