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1523 N Saw Mill Kit Bausatz

1523 N Saw Mill Kit Bausatz
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1523 N Saw Mill Kit Bausatz

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Art.Nr.: 1523 N Saw Mill Kit
Hersteller: Model Power Train
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21,00 EUR
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1523 N Saw Mill Kit, Plastic Kit Bausatz
  • Molded in eight colors (plastic).
  • Instruction sheet enclosed.
  • Authentic replica of an older Saw Mill.
  • L-shaped Saw Mill (one part consists of two-stories). Two-story section has brown lapped siding (upper level) and stone siding
  • (lower level), red roof and white windows. The one-story section
  • has a grey double-garage door, gray roof and white windows.
  • Pictured on the outside of the building is a water wheel and a small bridge.