92403 Spur O, Privet, Baumgruppe

Art.Nr.: 92403 Spur O, Privet

92403 Spur O, Privet, Baumgruppe, (1)
O-scale, Privet, 1/pk, 5" Height  = ca. 12,70 cm
All the trees in the Pro-Elite series feature our patented twisted wire process and a unique, lifelike, 3D, textured bark with a gnarly, knobby surface. Some also sport genuine looking roots and a two-tone paint technique that simulates aging. Our new Pro-Elite trees are for the serious modeler who will only be satisfied with the very best. These scale masterpieces elevate an ordinary layout and deliver a distinctive look to your scenery.


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92403 Spur O, Privet, Baumgruppe