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084 Spur N Scale House Kit

084 Spur N Scale House Kit
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Art.Nr.: 084 Spur N Scale House Kit
Hersteller: Blair Line LLC
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084 Spur N Scale House Kit Scale House kit features: This structure is based on a C&O Railway prototype scale house in Lynchburg, Virginia but would be suitable on pretty near every railroad. The railroads revenue was based on the weight of each freight car, so every car needs to pass over a set of scales at some point in its journey. Scales and scale houses, such as the one in this kit, are important features on almost all railroads. Scale houses were were located all across the railroads, mostly in yards or near a large shipper or mine. This structure would also make a great guard shack or storage shed for your industries or a chicken house for your farm scene. Kit features laser-cut board and batten walls, door, floor, and sub-roof. Includes laser-cut peel-n-stick trim and roofing for easy assembly. Also includes a laser-cut scale for the interior. N scale kit dimensions: .50" x 1.00".

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