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FT-100 Bettendorf Trucks Z

FT-100 Bettendorf Trucks Z
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Art.Nr.: FT-100 Bettendorf Trucks Z
Hersteller: Full Throttle
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FT-100 Bettendorf Trucks Z
4 Pairs of Bettendorf Trucks
Six great facts about the "Bowser Bucklers" from Full Throttle:
  • solid, close coupling
  • no "slinky effect"
  • correct wheelbase
  • detailed, prototype appearance
  • lowered bolster plate for correct proportions
  • blackened self-centering metal wheels
  • And that's just for starters! There are many desirable aspects of "Bowser Bucklers." The coupler knuckle has a more prototypical appearance, and when two couplers are "clicked" together, they really hold tight to ensure there won't be any unexpected uncouplings, even on the longest trains. The coupler knuckles are compatible with Micro-Trains and AZL couplers (although they do not uncouple magnetically). The straight, solid coupler shank has nothing protruding from the sides. The coupler box is substantially smaller than that of any other Z Scale Talgo coupler on the market; this means closer, more true-to-life coupling is possible, and the appearance of a coupler close to the car body is very appealing. Plus, they do not have an internal spring, so there's no "slinky effect" regardless of consist length or track conditions!
  • The appearance of the Bettendorf truck is highly prototypical in many ways. In addition to accurate detailing and a correct wheelbase, the bolster plate is not flush with the top of the truck, but instead sits lower than the side frames—just the way it is on a real truck. With their accurate proportions, the Bucklers don't look too small beneath the car! Altogether, these attributes will give all of your Z Scale rolling stock a very convincing impression.

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