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2011 Fort Davis Post Office, Bausatz

2011 Fort Davis Post Office, Bausatz
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Art.Nr.: 2011 Fort Davis Post Office
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Hersteller: Showcase Miniatures
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2011 Fort Davis Post Office, Bausatz, Laser Cut Kit
Though it is easily assumed that the town of Fort Davis, Alabama had a military basis, it was actually named for one of its founders, a man whose first name was Fort and last name was Davis. Richard T. Davis married Mary C. Fort and their first son was named for his mother's family. When the Seaboard Railroad came through the area, Fort M. Davis and his brother Hubert T. Davis laid out the town into lots and originally named it "Hamilton", but that was changed to "Fort Davis" to honor the founder. Fort M. Davis was also the first postmaster. The orginal post office opened June 4, 1891. This particular modeled post office was built in the 1960's and still in operation today.

Take a look at the many pictures. Jason Jensen did a fantastic job building this kit. Also, click on the "instructions" tab for more information.

Kit Features:

-Precision laser cut parts including peel-and stick backed windows for easy assembly.
-Precision Pewter metal casting details to add character (including mailboxes, window AC, Power Meter)
-Easy to assemble tab-and-slot constructions.
-High resolution graphics.
-Detailed, step-by-step instructions
-Finished structure measures approximately 7" x 2.75"

2011 Fort Davis Post Office, Bausatz
2011 Fort Davis Post Office, Bausatz
2011 Fort Davis Post Office, Bausatz

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