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2307 Sugar Cane Press Bausatz

2307 Sugar Cane Press Bausatz
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Art.Nr.: 2307 Sugar Cane Press Bausatz
Hersteller: Showcase Miniatures
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2307 Sugar Cane Press Bausatz
All metal casting---human figure included--- Hiawatha Harris is world renown for his expertise in cane syrup making (and a few other things that require cooking but can't be talked of out loud). He and June Bug, the mule, have been pressin' cane for nearly twenty years together. Hiawatha learned the syrup trade from his grandfather, Hephestus Cornwallis, who would mix freshly heated molasses with corn and oats to create a creep feed for his calves during the cold winter months. The thick aroma from the cooking molasses could be sniffed in the air for miles around the farm and, after over 65 years, the ground still smells of molasses syrup from spills when it is disturbed. The black as tar molasses was just as hard to get off clothes and skin but, boy did it smell so much better! June Bug has been walking at his steady, circular pace turning the press crank for so long, that he can no longer turn to the left. This makes him very easy to catch when it's time for another batch of their famous syrup...
2307 Sugar Cane Press Bausatz

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